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laminate vs vinyl flooring

13 Jul 2018

Laminate vs Vinyl Flooring

Now you’ve weened it down. You have finally established that you need a hard-wearing and moister-resistant floor. Now you face another question. Should I go for Laminate Flooring or Vinyl Flooring? At Northwest Floors we have explained the differences and similarities between the two.

What are they made of?

Laminate Flooring is made up of multiple layers. It has a main body of HDF (High Density Fibreboard) which are basically fine fibres of natural wood compressed under high pressure. Combined with a extremely durable, scratch resistant surface layer. This means Laminate flooring is inexpensive and practical.

Vinyl Flooring like laminate is made up of several layers. These layers consist of PVC and fibreglass, which makes it extremely durable. This also means vinyl is softer underfoot make it a much quieter option.

How do you fit them?

In recent years, laminate flooring has been the easiest solution for fitting flooring in your home. This is due to state of the art click technology that fitters and DIYers LOVE. Unclic has been recognised as the fastest and tightest click system in the industry, reducing traditional fitting time by up to 25%

Vinyl had always been somewhat of a specialist market. In some ways it still is. Vinyl flooring requires extensive sub floor prep and some will require adhesive to glue the boards down. The beautiful thing about vinyl flooring is the flexibility of it. There are literally hundred of options to choose from when picking a style you want. We would always recommend using a professional fitter when choosing this option. They can go through all the styles that are available, such as boarder work or a herringbone design. More recently, Vinyl has expanded its horizon into the DIY market. You can now buy many luxury vinyl that comes equipped with a click system. At Northwest floors we have a huge selection of these.


TLC Loc Weathered Oak


Luvanto Click Natural Sawn

Luvanto click

Quickstep Livyn Pulse Plus Sundown Pine

Quickstep Livyn Pulse







What’s more hard-wearing?

In the battle of durability, both laminate and vinyl flooring score exceptional marks. They have hardwearing and scratch resistant surface’s. Depending on what laminate or vinyl you choose, will determine how hardwearing it is. For example, laminates have an AC rating. The higher the AC number the more durable and hardwearing the flooring is (see our AC guide here). With Vinyl, the general rule is, the bigger the wear layer the more durable the floor is. If you are covering a commercial area such as a bar or a salon, you would want to go for AC4/5 laminate, or a vinyl with a minimum wear layer of 0.55mm.

Best for bathrooms?

Now ordinarily, the winner of this battle would be Vinyl. This is because vinyl is made from PVC and as we all know plastic holds some exceptional water repellent properties. Yet in more recent years, laminate flooring has fought back. Many companies have produced ‘Aqua’ flooring. These highly moisture resistant floors are guaranteed in such areas as bathrooms and kitchen. At Northwest floors we have a great range of these highly water resistant floors.

Quickstep Impressive Soft Oak Light Brown

Quickstep Impressive Soft Oak Light Brown

Balterio Grande Wide venn Oak

Balterio Grande Wide venn Oak

EGGER PRO Aqua plus


Like anything, there are many products out there that promise a lot but deliver very little. At Northwest Floors every product we offer, whether it’s a laminate or vinyl floor it’s of the highest quality. When making the choice and deciding laminate vs vinyl flooring, you need to weigh up what you value more in a flooring. Both have excellent properties, its important to choose a flooring which offers you affordable, good value for money. ¬†¬†



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