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working with Egger

8 Apr 2018

Working with Egger

Imagine being able to choose the people you work with. That would be great wouldn’t it? You could pick colleagues who have the same sense of humour or support the same football team as you. Imagine choosing a business partner you could socialise with and shares the same ambitions as yourself. How much would that benefit a company? Unfortunately we don’t always have this luxury, but we must seize the opportunity when one comes knocking. That’s exactly what we’ve done at Northwest Floors.

Back in September 2017, Northwest Floors were kindly invited to attend the ‘Egger Pro‘ launch Event at the lavish Hilton Hotel at St George’s Park. Egger was a company familiar to us and after meeting Craig James, the UK Distribution Sales Manager, we decided it would be worth the trip down the M6 to see what they had to offer. This turned out to be an shrewd decision, the launch event was simply brilliant. The Hilton Hotel  matched the magnitude of what Egger and this event was all about.The outstanding features and benefits of each product was explained by a member of the team. We knew from there, Egger was a company we wanted to work with! Their ambitions to expand and give the best service to their customers matched our own.

Egger is a massive company with factories all over the  world, dominating the European market in kitchen units, worktops and flooring. Yet despite its magnitude, Eggers core values are the same as they’ve always been, which is ultimately the reason behind their success. They care about every level of their business, despite the size or scale of their custom. These are the values that separate success from failure, which are same values that Northwest Floors are built on. That’s why our working relationship made sense.



When choosing a manufacturer or supplier we consider the following things.

  • Design 
  • Customer Support
  • Sampling 
  • Availability 
  • Flexibility 

Egger ticks every box for us, making us more confident in the service that we can provide for our customers. 

To see more on the Egger Pro range, check out their website on 


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