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26 Nov 2018

Goodness Grey-cious me!!!!

Grey flooring. It has to be the colour of the moment right? Whether you are watching grand designs , looking at Ideal Home magazines or clicking onto Pinterest the standout d├ęcor is grey....Read more

21 Nov 2018

Brand New Flooring Showroom, Runcorn, Cheshire

Northwest Floors have finally opened its brand new flooring showroom in Runcorn, Cheshire. After the success of our online flooring business, we have now taken things to the next level. Visit our showroom...Read more

3 Oct 2018

Your Flooring This Christmas – 2018

Its hard to believe we’re coming into the preparation time for Christmas already. I know, I know, we’re all still suffering a hangover from the record breaking heatwave this summer. But yes ladies...Read more

6 Aug 2018

Warm and Quiet Flooring.. It actually exists

No doubt about it, flooring has some amazing features. It can complete any room in the house, offering an elegance that most carpets can’t compare to. It provides natural charm and coziness and...Read more

13 Jul 2018

Laminate vs Vinyl Flooring

Now you’ve weened it down. You have finally established that you need a hard-wearing and moister-resistant floor. Now you face another question. Should I go for Laminate Flooring or Vinyl Flooring? At Northwest...Read more

18 Jun 2018

What laminate flooring should I go for?

What laminate flooring should I go for? This is a very common, yet understandable question we get at Northwest Floors and to be honest the answer has many variables. To put it simply...Read more

8 Apr 2018

Working with Egger

Imagine being able to choose the people you work with. That would be great wouldn’t it? You could pick colleagues who have the same sense of humour or support the same football team...Read more

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