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3 Oct 2018

Your Flooring This Christmas – 2018

Its hard to believe we’re coming into the preparation time for Christmas already. I know, I know, we’re all still suffering a hangover from the record breaking heatwave this summer. But yes ladies and gents, the countdown has already started. So we can either ignore it and bypass the Toblerone and chocolate coins in the supermarket.. or lets embrace it and become organised this year. 

In the flooring industry, this time of year is notoriously busy. The build up to Christmas seems to be the indication to ‘getting things done’. Which is unsurprising in many ways. Jobs around the house have been put off because of the summer, kids are finally back in school and families have started talking about who turn it is to host the big day. Christmas is when you want your home to looks its best. It might be your first Christmas in your new home. Or even with a new addition to the family. Simply put, there’s isn’t another time of the year that makes you want to nestle up in the comfort of your own home, as much as the festive season. It’s amazing how much a floor can impact the feel and vibe of a home. So it’s important plan now if you are looking to update your living space this Christmas.


Okay, so it important to be organised this year. Because before you know it, its the 24th of December and you are installing a floor when you should be wrapping those last few presents under the tree.

So what should you do now.

  • Get an idea of what’s available and what’s within your budget.
  • Look on Pinterest – it can help get your creative juices flowing and see what colours work well with one another.
  • Get some free advise – call us here at Northwest Floors and we will be more than happy to assist you on your ideas and work within you budget. 
  • Get some free samples – choose from a huge selection of sample available, they can be posted straight to your door.
  • Fitting – decide if this is going to be a DIY project or something you want done by a professional. This is really important, as professional installers will be getting extremely busy, so you might want book one asap.
  • Choose a completion date – This is always good practise. If you choose a date, it gives you plenty of time to pick a floor you want, organise the delivery and plan for the fitting.

The options on flooring can be overwhelming. With more choices than ever, its really important that a few things are considered when choosing your floor. Remember, flooring is for life, not just for Christmas.


Real Wood – Warm, Charismatic, inviting and unique. Real wood flooring is what the other floor coverings try to replicate. The individuality a real wood means that each board is unique to you, no other person will have that same flooring. Which brings character, warmth and true nature into your home. 

Laminate – Tough, hygienic, low maintenance and inexpensive. Laminate flooring is on a new level with design and durability. Premium laminates offer innovative techniques and structures to bring you flooring that has never looked so realistic. Along with this, the technology involved in the installation system means fitting time is reduced significantly.

Luxury Vinyl –  Tranquil, warm, inspired and hardwearing. Luxury Vinyl flooring has been the stand out flooring in 2018. Sales have sky rocketed and many flooring manufactures are now producing their own high quality version of vinyl. Working with a professional on your project opens the door to and endless possibilities in design. Vinyl is much softer on the foot than wood or laminate, meaning its much quieter and warmer. It also has expectational water resistant properties, making it the perfect choice for bathrooms and kitchens.  

So remember, make your choice early, beat the rush and enjoy your Christmas with the perfect surrounding. 



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