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rigid core vinyl

13 Jan 2020

Rigid Core Vinyl – What is it?

Rigid Core Vinyl Flooring is constructed for dimensional stability. The rigid core flooring has been engineered with vinyl to provide a stable, less pliable plank, giving it a sturdy feel when installing and for everyday living. The rigid core vinyl adds more of a natural feel to tradition vinyl and can help overcome some existing subfloor issues.


Different Types of Rigid Core Vinyl Flooring

Many different types of rigid core vinyl are available, and some are better known than others. In essence, rigid core vinyl is just another name for engineered vinyl flooring. Here are two of the most popular types of rigid core vinyl. 

  • SPC Vinyl Flooring is stone plastic composite core. SPC is where the plastic vinyl is mixed with a stone-based product such as limestone. Find out more about SPC Vinyl Flooring here. 
  • WPC Vinyl Flooring is a wood-plastic composite core. WPC is plastic particles mixed with wood fibres to create a stable vinyl plank. Find out more about WPC Vinyl Flooring here.


Typical construction of a Rigid board

Depending on the type of rigid core flooring you opt for, will determine how the flooring is constructed. Below is a typical construction of what you will find with a rigid core board. 

  1. High-performance protective wear layer – This adds a scratch and stain resistance to the vinyl surface.
  2. Design layer – Giving the vinyl plank or tile its realistic appearance
  3. Rigid composite core – The rigid core can be made from many different materials, such as WPC or SPC. This is what will set the stability and durability apart from a regular vinyl floor.
  4. Attached Underlayment – It’s worth noting not all rigid core boards will have this, but a lot of manufacturers have opted to include an attached underlay such as cork which gives extra protection to the board and is also great for sound absorption.


Benefits of Rigid Vinyl 

Consumers are demanding a bit more bang for their buck these days. A rigid Core vinyl provides enormous benefits for both domestic and commercial use. 

Waterproof – This is a modern-day must. Customers don’t want to worry about moping and cleaning their new floor. Vinyl flooring is 100% waterproof, meaning water and moister will not damage or swell the planks.

Installation – Rigid core flooring is a perfect DIY option. Similar to laminate flooring, it comes with an easy to install click profile which saves you time and money when compared to other vinyl floors.  

Comfort – Rigid core is a great option when choosing a floor based on satisfaction. It has much sturdy feel than traditional vinyl but offers the same cushioned experience underfoot.

Sound Proofing – The decibels level will reduce significantly with a rigid core vinyl. One of the layers included in a is specifically there for sound reduction. This feature is even more present with an attached underlayment such as cork, which has exceptional sound reduction qualities.      

Appearance –As an increasingly popular product, there is a wide range of fantastic rigid core decors to choose select. Wood, stone and even herringbone effects are all now being produced in this super durable product.  

Cleaning – It’s always a ‘biggy’ when choosing a new floor. The rigid core is famous for having low maintenance qualities. A simple mop and vac with have the floor looking like new again.

Areas of installation – Suitability is a massive strength of the rigid core vinyl. Not only can you put it in every room in the house but you can also install it directly on top of floorboards and tiles providing they are level. Rigid Core Vinyl is also suitable to be used in conjunction with underfloor heating. 

Affordability – Like most floor coverings prices can vary from product to product depending on the features and brand. You should expect to pay anything from £30 to £55 per square meter. 

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