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Love Aqua Steam Plunge Laminate Flooring


Introducing the new Love Aqua Steam Plunge Laminate Flooring, a new for 2023 revolutionary breakthrough in flooring solutions. The incredible Love Aqua Steam  range is not only aesthetically pleasing but also boasts features that are seldom found in laminate flooring options.

The Love Aqua Steam Laminate Flooring stands out with its water-resistant and steam-cleanable properties. This unique feature makes it a practical choice for every household. Be it accidental spills or intentional deep cleaning; this floor can handle it all without losing its charm. **(See bottom of paragraph for more details)**

Introducing the Love Aqua Steam Plunge Laminate Flooring – an exquisite and majestic flooring option that combines the richness of a whitewashed greige oak colour with unrivaled practicality and charm. This stunning flooring solution not only brings life and warmth to your space but also adds a touch of yonder and enchantment. The unique blend of natural texture and intricate grain patterns ensures that this particular colour becomes the captivating centerpiece of your home, creating an ambiance of elegance and sophistication that will leave a lasting impression on all who enter. Transform your space into a haven of beauty and style with the Love Aqua Steam Laminate Flooring range.

What’s more, it’s an AC4 rated laminate, which translates to high durability and resistance to wear, making it the perfect choice for heavy domestic and medium commercial usage. Whether it’s a busy home or a bustling office, this floor is built to withstand the test of time and traffic.

The Love Aqua Steam Plunge Laminate Flooring is compatible with in-cement underfloor heating systems, up to a maximum of 27 degrees Celsius. This means you can enjoy a warm and cosy feel underfoot during those chilly winter months.

Adding to its impressive list of features are the anti-static, slip resistance and thermal resistance capabilities. These ensure a safe and comfortable environment, making this flooring range a reliable choice for families and businesses alike.

The 8mm thickness of the Love Aqua Steam Laminate Flooring guarantees robustness, while the innovative Uniclic fitting system makes installation a breeze.

When you choose the Love Aqua Steam Laminate Flooring, you are not just opting for a floor but a long-term investment. We provide a 25-year domestic warranty and a 10-year commercial warranty, underscoring our confidence in the product’s durability and quality.

In conclusion, the Love Aqua Steam Laminate Flooring range offers a rare blend of aesthetics, functionality, and longevity. It’s not just a flooring solution; it’s a lifestyle choice that reflects your love for quality and style. Experience the difference with Love Aqua Steam today.

**Please note steam cleaners must always be used with an appropriate cloth on the steam opening which guarantees an even distribution of steam and heat. Steam must not be ejected directly onto the laminate. Do not hold steam cleaner in one area for too long and always clean along the length of the plank, never across the plank**

Product Code: Plunge

Suitable for:

Dining Room
Hall Way
Living Room
Under-Floor Heating

Pack Coverage: 2.179 m2Edge Detail: 4V Pressed BevelInstallation Method: UniclicPlanks Per Pack: 9Material: Domestic Warranty: 25 YearsCommercial Warranty: 10 YearsBoard Dimentions: 1261MM (L) X 192MM (W) X 8MM (T)Range: Love Aqua Steam Durability Rating: AC4 Pack Content: 9 PlanksThickness: 8mmPack Price: £ 62.21

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Fitting Laminate Flooring 

Fitting laminate flooring is one of the easiest options, as it comes with a click joining system. However, some of the systems are slightly different, so It’s important to read the full manufactures fitting instructions first. We have provided you with a few generic tips on what you’ll need to do.

  • Make sure you leave a 10mm expansion gap around the edge of your room.
  • Allow 48 hours for a laminate floor to acclimatise – see full guide on acclimatisation 
  • Try and make sure you subfloor is as level as possible 
  • Use spaces and  a fitting kit 

As all laminates use the ‘floating’ method of installation, you will need to use a suitable underlay to protect your floor. Underlay’s not only protect your flooring, they provide sound and heat insulation.

Handy Links for Laminate

Fitting Solid and Engineered

  • ‘Floating’ is the most popular method of installing for engineered floors. This is where the joins locks together and the boards sit neatly on top on an underlay. Joining methods can vary in Engineered Floors.
  • Tongue and Grove requires  PVA wood glue between the seams to create a strong bond.                      This allows the floor to breath naturally as it is not fixed down to the subfloor.
  • Click System are available in some engineered floors, they work the same as laminates.            
  • ‘Fixing’ the flooring down to the subfloor is also a very popular method and is the preferred method for Solid Wood Floors. You have two methods with this option. 
  • Gluing the flooring directly to the subfloor using suitable adhesive.                                                                –
  • Secret Nailing the floor into a suitable wooden subfloor. 

Top Tips..

  • Allow at least 48 hours for Engineered to acclimatise 
  • Allow at least 7 Days for Solid Wood to acclimatise 
  • Try and make sure the subfloor is level
  • Make sure you leave the required expansion gap.


Handy links for Solid Wood and Engineered.

  • Manufactures Guides 
  • Detailed Guides 
  • Fitting tools 

Fitting Luxury Vinyl Glue Down


Firstly, like all flooring you have to allow time for the flooring to acclimatise. All you need to do is leave the boxes in the middle of the room for 48 hours. Keep the temperature of the room at a consistent level. Clean the subfloor, making sure its dirt/rubble free. Best way to do this is sweep, vacuum and mop before leaving to dry. The subfloor also needs to be level, which means less than 3mm deviation over a 1m area. 

The next stage is ensuring the positioning is right, the last thing you want is an unsymmetrical floor. This is probably easier than you think. Start by finding the centre of the room, to do this you need to measure the width and length and strike a chalk line halfway across both. Where the two lines meet, that is the centre. Without using any adhesive, lay two lines of flooring from the centre of the room at right angles to each others to make an L shape. This ensure you are laying the floor at the correct angle, make sure the edges line up with the wall, if that don’t, manoeuvre the boards around until they do.


Now the preparation is down and the boards are in position, you can start to stick them down. To do this you will either need to apply a thin layer of adhesive to the suitable subfloor, or peel off the non-stick backing if its a self adhesive LVT floor. In the event of glue oozing up between the boards, clean it off immediately with wet cloth or sponge. Its always worth having a good read through the manufacturers guides when using adhesive, as the requirements may be different depending on the brand. After you have installed a section of the floor, apply pressure using a roller to bond the boards to the subfloor. After you’ve installed the majority of the boards, you will need to start making the cuts to fit the gaps against the wall. The best and most accurate way to do this is to lay the board directly on top of a laid board. Then,  take a 3rd board and lay it on top against the wall. Using the edge of the 3rd tile to draw a cutting line across the board you want to fit.

Top Tips..

  • Allow 48hrs to Acclimatise 
  • Make sure the subfloor is level and clean
  • If you have to work on an area that you have just adhered down, use a piece of ply board to cover the area. That will ensure you weight is spread evenly and should prevent movement on the fitted boards
  • The best way to cut a vinyl tile, is to use a knife, slice through the surface layer , then simply bend the board until it snaps apart





If all of a sudden you change your mind on the flooring and want to return it.. that’s no problem. We’ll give you 14 days to return the goods back to us and you’ll get a refund. Also, we will take back any unused accessories once you’ve installed your flooring. 

On certain products there maybe some restrictions or a small 15% restocking fee. Please contact our customer service team to find out if this applies to the product you are looking at. 

Why not take a look at our full returns and cancellation policy here



If you want your floor to look great for years to come, here’s a few tips on how to maintain that brand new look.


Sweep it up

Try and sweep up any dirty up that you notice on your floor. Or alternatively, use a hand vacuum to collect the dirt.

Vacuum Regularly 

Make sure you vacuum your flooring on a regular basis. Not only is this hygienic but it also gets up any loose dirt and small stones that could scratch the floor. 

Felt protector pads on furniture 

To prevent damage to your new floor, you should use protector pads at the bottom of all your furniture and furniture legs.

Clean your floor with the right stuff

Using specifically designed cleaner will safely remove any dust or stubborn marks. It will also leave you floor with a nice, clean finish.

Wipe up your spill ASAP

Clean up spillages such as drinks, water and pet urine as quickly as possible. This will most definitely help maintain the appearance and stop moister getting in areas you don’t want. 

Use entrance matts

Using entrance matts on all exterior doors will reduce the chance of items entering your home that can potentially damage your floor. 

Tips for house hold pets

Make sure that your pets nails are trimmed, this will prevent scratches according on your  floor. Also, you should put a matt underneath any food or water bowls, this will prevent moisture going into the joins.


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