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12 Apr 2019

vinyl flooring


Vinyl flooring has become a very popular option for home owners who wish to redecorate their home. Luxury Vinyl Tiles more commonly known in the trade as LVT are extremely practical. Due to their waterproof qualities, they can be used in kitchens bathrooms and throughout the home. They’re hardwearing and warm underfoot unlike ceramic tiles. A great option for high traffic areas and homes where lots of heavy use occurs, LVT vinyl flooring is extremely hardwearing and scratch resistant.

With a range of different styles such as natural wood grains in different shades, vinyl flooring is fast to install and easy to keep clean and will retain its look for many years. Installation is made easier by the click design. There’s a variety of widths which will suit large and small rooms or halls. You can choose from a range of different species of natural looking surfaces such as walnut, slate, elm, oak or birch to name a few. There’s even limestone and other stone versions which look very natural but have a warmth underfoot that natural alternatives do not.

Ceramic tiles though they look great can be cold and unwelcoming in a large kitchen or living area. So many people are opting for the warmth of LVT flooring which is laid on underlay which is also a great insulator. The affordable price of LVT vinyl flooring also makes it a very attractive option if you are flooring a large area and want a continuous high end finish throughout your home.

Vinyl flooring can often be even more hard wearing even than ceramic tiles or other natural floor coverings because it is coated with a UV-cured urethane which gives it a high performance. Thicker than traditional vinyl floorings it is scratch, stain and scuff resistant. A simple soft mop and you can shine it up like new. You don’t have to worry about liquids staining or swelling it causing splitting because it is vinyl and waterproof. Vinyl tiles are incredibly durable and retain their vibrant colours. LVT enables you to have the luxury of natural materials with an even better durability and practicality.

LVT is very fast to fit with it’s click design and luxury underlay, it not only insulates but adds a cushioned feel which natural products just can’t replicate. With a thicker tile sounds are more subdued and insulated so luxury vinyl flooring is great for all family homes whether rented or not. Whether your style is conservative or contemporary you’ll be able to find something to suit your taste. There are a range of striking designs and colours and configurations which will give you plenty to choose from. You’ll be able to make a great statement with bold styles shapes and colours which will bring a fresh look to your home. With advanced durability and an excellent warranty LVT flooring is becoming ever more popular with new build homes and redesigns. So maybe it’s time to take a look at something new and different, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the great range and value available with luxury vinyl tiles.

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