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18 Jun 2018

What laminate flooring should I go for?

What laminate flooring should I go for?

This is a very common, yet understandable question we get at Northwest Floors and to be honest the answer has many variables. To put it simply and to quash a few myths, thicker doesn’t always mean better!!!! Yes, a lovely thick 12mm board will serve you well in regards to feeling solid underfoot. But what you are really looking for is strengths in the click joint and a good AC/Class rating. 

The Click Joint is extremely important when asking yourself ‘ what laminate flooring I should go for ‘, regardless of it’s thickness. Because a good click joint means easy installation and will keep your flooring locked together for as long as the flooring is down. So, how do you recognize a good click system? You should ask your supplier about what click profile is used on the laminate flooring you are interested in. Uniclic are regarded as the best and easiest to install, boasting lifetime warranties. However many flooring manufactures buy the rights to use the uniclic profile, which means even though it may not say uniclic on the label, you are getting that same high quality profile. Best to always check.

AC/Class rating is another important factor. This may be a bit confusing but an AC rating means ‘Abrasion Class’ so the higher the AC rating the more durable the flooring is. Please see our guides on ‘what’s an AC rating’

For example. If you are looking cover a room which has a high amount of traffic, you really want to be looking at anything between and AC3 – AC5  and Class 24 -31.  Or, in a nutshell… 

Make sure when choosing a laminate flooring, its made from a reputably manufacturer. Like any brands, you get endless counterfeit and re-productions claiming they are the same thing. If something is too cheap to be true, generally it is.  

Laminate flooring was once a cheap alternative to the real thing. Now, it is so much more. People are choosing laminate because of all the extra benefits that comes with it. Yes it is more cost effect than solid wood. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Thanks to the new Aqua boards, which more and more manufactures are offering, you can now install laminates in bathrooms and areas prone to water. These are perfect for families, as it give you confidence that the flooring will withstand the full bombardment of domestic life. See more about Aqua laminate flooring here. 

You can get narrow boards, medium board, wide boards, long boards, short boards and more. There are literally endless options when choosing a laminate flooring suitable for you. 

So when you ask yourself the question. ‘What laminate flooring should I go for’ think about some of the point on this blog and make the best educated guess. 

Failing that if you are still struggling, get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help.


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